I am so glad that you want to contribute :)

There are currently several ways you can contribute to this development. They are as follows.

Error Reporting

log4sure development is not currently open-source. However that's not to say it will never be open-source. If you find a bug or issue with log4sure, please report it here.

Angular.js (or related) module

log4sure.js does not have any angularjs friendly module yet, however its very simple to integrate it with any javascript based application. It would be nice to have a dedicated package for angular js. If you fancy any other frameworks and want to create module for those frameworks, please do. I will be happy to contribute in those efforts.

API is coming

I will release an API documentation shortly that will allow users to create their own clients for log4sure. A better dashboard or even a mobile app, whatever you like an API will be available for you soon.

Spread the word

If you like log4sure and think more people should be using it, please help spread the word.

Something else??

Please contact me here or at support@log4sure.com