A client side logging service with real-time monitoring solution for javascript

Real time.
Get user analytics.
Create your own log table.
Control who logs to your library.
Catch errors before your user.
Remote browser console
bower install
Free and awesome.


To install log4surejs min library use: bower install log4sure
To install log4surejs min library and wrapper for angular apps use: bower install ng-log4sure


Error logging

Now you can log every error to the server without any hassle and monitor it real time. No more guessing what happened in client browser.

Text/Event logging

Javascript logs do not have to be limited to your user's console anymore. Log to log4sure and have complete transparency.

Custom logging

Logging text is just not enough sometimes. Custom design your log table and push logs to it. Log up to 10 columns and create your own custom data table.

Browse Remote Console

Sometimes any library is not enough for debugging. You want to see what is happening in the browser console of your end user. Remote Console feature gives you exactly that. From all the users who are currently accessing your javascript, pick and choose whose console you want to tail.

Client Information

Javascript developers rarely have enough information about who are using their fine javascript library and what they are doing with it. By using log4sure.js in your library, you can get all useful user details with their log info without any extra steps.
Here is your information as an example:

IP Address
United States
Operating System
CCBot v: 2

Everyone loves charts


  • Archive your logs free of cost for later retrieval.
  • Manage authorized and unauthorized ip addresses and take control on who can and cannot log for your library.
  • Activate/Inactivate logging anytime you like.


From User Interface to Database development, log4sure is developed and provided as a free service by Bhavin Surela.

Getting Started


Create an Account

The first step is to create an account and sign in. You can create a local account, or login with your favorite service (facebook or twitter).


Add a Library

Add a library. By just filling some details like, library name and url. Then set up up to 10 columns to create your own custom data table.


Get a token

After you create your account and add a library, you will get a token for that libary. Use that token to connect and start logging in log4sure server. It's that simple.



Take control by using the manage feature. Allow specific users or allow everyone, or even exclude some users and monitor their logs in real-time. Take advantages of charts and end user analysis without any extra effort.